"It is not about making Architecture,


It is about making a difference,


in the lives of those who live within."


Timothy A. McMinn AIA



Designsix, formed in 2009, is an innovative approach to developing strategic solutions for a clients environment; where they work, play, learn, worship, gather, laugh and live.


 Designsix is about embracing your strategic vision,

then working with you in Planning and Managing

the building of your future 



Change in your work environment, change in your living environment. Before you make the commitment to change;  new building, a new location, new interiors, there are numerous questions you struggle to answer.

  • How do we determine if this is the right move for us now?
  • Are we looking at all of the options?
  • Will this change us as an organization?


The Designsix concept of Planning and Managing your building program has been cultivated by a professional with a 25 year career in Architecture and Planning. Now, in the midst of the most challenging economic time our country has experienced since the Great Depression, is proving to be the ideal time to take a fresh look at the how organizations approach their facilities, their place in the future. Now is an ideal time to embrace our neighborhoods, engage our communities, and enhance the places where we work, play, learn, dine, gather and worship.


Designsix is born out of a passion for working with individuals, groups and organizations to create strategic plans for their organizations, their built environment and their potential to make a positive impact on the lives that they touch.

Fast Company Magazine calls business today "Generation Flux". Although it may seem like pure chaos, those who succeed will be those who adapt, .......... this is where designsix comes in.

designsix - Client focused, relationship centered, evidence based


The places where we live, work, play, worship and heal are here because of the  leaders who take up the challenge to set goal, for the future for their organization 


Designsix works with purpose driven leaders and their organizations to develop strategies and plans for re-envisioning the Next place for their organization to grow and succeed. 


From initial conversations and considerations through moving into your new office, designsix serves as an engaged adviser and program manager for you and your team throughout the planning and construction process.  

What Distinguishes Us

If you recognize "business as usual" is a thing of the past,

We are on the same page.......

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Who We Are

With years of experience and outstanding planning and design expertise, our project teams inspire confidence.

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As our client, you will receive the individualized attention you require during all phases of the project. From the first conversations through move in, we will be at your side.

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How We Work

Planning for your future, can be daunting, challenging, sometimes a little overwhelming,

But that does not mean it cannot also be a fun and exciting process for you and your team....

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